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About us

Cagri-Essen Group, Inc. provides Human Resources Solutions to small and medium size businesses so they can focus on what their company does best.

Our goal is to provide a professional, cost effective approach to human resources management regardless of the size of the business you operate. Our model benefits companies by providing a seasoned HR Consultant that will create and implement a tailor made “service model” to support your business goals and objectives. It is this flexibility and the departure from a one-size fits all approach that sets us apart. We have a variety of HR service models that will support any organizational need whether you are looking to outsource the entire HR department or have us assist you in specific HR projects and provide on-going consultations. Our guiding philosophy is to listen, then provide solutions for the maximum impact on your bottom line.

We provide an integrated and cost effective approach to the management and administration of human resources, offering services across fields such as HR Management, Benefits Administration, Training, and Payroll.

Whether you are a major player looking to streamline your company’s HR Management, or a small business that does not yet have the resources to handle its own HR operations, we can help you! We work hard and strive to accommodate each individual company’s needs with the service it offers to assure you that the daily operations in your workplace is safe, hospitable, and yet productive!

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